Support For Zoho

Zoho Support or 1 Cloud Consultants Support?

Don't Zoho offer support for their products? Yes they do, and every customer we talk to who has used Zoho Support speaks highly and compliments the Zoho Support teams. The difference with our support for Zoho is that it is a more consultative approach. It is our experience that usually customers don’t need Support (that is something is broken and needs fixing) but what they actually need is ad hoc consultancy to achieve an outcome.

1 Cloud Consultants have a number of support options depending on what your requirement is, and how critical Zoho is to core business functions.

Yearly Contract

1 Cloud Consultants are able to offer contracted Support for Zoho built around a SLA (Service Level Agreement). This can range from telephone support or email / web access only, Business hours or 365×24. All contracts come with defined response times. This level of support for Zoho means that your business knows that it can get help or assistance whenever it is needed.


We work with companies on a retained basis, effectively becoming an extension of their IT department. The objective and benefit of us being on a retainer are:

  • We are there when we are needed and we understand your business
  • When we are not being used in a support role we are identifying ways of enhancing your Zoho usage
  • We are available to train users or system administrators either as new users, refreshes or in the latest features

Call Off Hours

We only offer call off hours to companies that we are satisfied are at a level of Zoho experience or a company that has been trained by us. The reason is simple – too often the call off hours are not used productively to fix or resolve issues which would have been covered in training. For call off hours to work to your benefit, a base level of knowledge is needed.

Ad Hoc Zoho Support

In rare occasions a customer has a specific issue that needs fixing, a full support contract or call off hours is excessive to resolve this issue so we do offer one off ad hoc Zoho Support. This is our least favourite way of supporting a customer as we have found that it is rarely a single issue but a number of issues and it would have been more cost effective to purchase training or a block of hours to resolve al the issue. It is best to talk to 1 Cloud Consultants prior to purchasing ad hoc support so that we can advise you accordingly. You can purchase ad hoc support online.

Zoho Support Powered By Zoho Desk

All Zoho Queries are captured in Zoho Desk. This ensures the history stays with the Contact, Company and Ticket. it ensures a prompt resolution to the query. We also measure what type of questions are being asked and the time taken to resolve issues. This can help us identify training issues within a company. You can raise a ticket by Zoho Desk Assist (the question mark on our site), the Zoho Desk Web PortalWebform or by emailing: [email protected].

Remote Support Powered By Zoho Assist

Typically the fastest way to understand your Zoho Support query is by seeing the issue that you are experiencing. As a Zoho Partner, we don't have access to your system unless you give us access. So we would need a Login if we are doing a screenshare with Zoho Meeting to resolve your issue, or we can use Zoho Assist to take control of your computer and resolve the issue. To initiate a remote session by Zoho Assist we give you a session ID which triggers a small download.