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Zoho One is the premier bundle from Zoho. It offers access to the majority of Zoho's 40+ applications for one low cost subscription. Our experience is that customers might be investigating or needing a few Zoho applications but it is more cost effective and simpler to subscribe to Zoho One.

Zoho One also complements and supports our beliefs. it is a single Cloud solution that delivers a number of critical business applications. Being on the single Cloud, you have a single renewal date, a single bill, integrated applications (out of the box), one Solution provider for support.
Zoho One
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Zoho One Pricing

Zoho have developed two pricing models depending on your companies requirements. You can either have all employee pricing or per user pricing. 1 Cloud Consultants can help you decide what is the best option for your business.

All employee pricing is the lower cost of the two options. Zoho stipulate that all full time employees must have a subscription to Zoho One even if they don't utilise any of the applications. So, if for example all your employees access Zoho Desk for Support and Zoho CRM for Sales activities it is probably the most cost effective option to be on Zoho One.

Per user pricing was driven by the fact that not all companies have employees that access systems. Factory workers might just work on the factory floor but never access Email, CRM, Support Desk, etc. so why pay for them on all the employee pricing.

Zoho One Will Make You Review Your Cloud Usage

Zoho One includes such a diverse range of applications that customers who may have selected Zoho One for a few applications start to review what other Cloud applications they have and how they can be replaced. Some examples that we have learnt from customers are:

  • Adobe DocuSign replaced by Zoho Sign
  • Mailchimp replaced by Zoho Campaigns
  • Xero replaced by Zoho books
  • Webex replaced by Zoho Meeting
  • Zendesk replaced by Zoho Desk
  • Highrise replaced by Zoho Projects
  • Hootsuite replaced by Zoho Social
  • Infusionsoft replaced by Zoho MarketingHub
We can continue, but it is typically simpler to call us and discuss your current usage and requirements with us. Pretty soon you can find how Zoho One can replace a multitude of Cloud applications that you maybe currently using.

1 Cloud Consultants Powered By Zoho

The easiest way to demonstrate how Zoho One can be utilised is best demonstrated by how we use Zoho One internally to power and support our business. We have provided a brief over of how we are Powered By Zoho online.