Zoho SalesIQ

Zoho SalesIQ - Web Chat and Web Tracking

Zoho SalesIQ at its most basic is “Web Chat”. When a visitor comes to your website, there is a button which allows a real time conversation between the web visitor and one of your employees. Zoho SalesIQ is typically used in a customer support environment to facilitate real time problem solving or pre-sales support – advising / answering customers questions about your products and services. Your employees are alerted when a visitor comes to your site so that they can initiate a conversation to see if the visitor needs help or assistance.

Track And Capture In Zoho CRM

Connect Zoho SalesIQ to Zoho CRM to convert your website visitors to leads or contacts. Add leads, contacts, follow up actions and potentials from the chat window. Ask the right questions to identify the customer, then track in Zoho CRM.

Real Time Understanding of Web Visitors

Your employees can obtain an in depth understanding of your website visitors in real time. See which country they are from, where they were referred from, what page they are on, how long they have visited, how they have proceeded through your website.

Zoho SalesIQ Rings

Zoho SalesIQ introduces a concept called Rings. You set the criteria of your optimum website visitor. Based on how your website visitor matches these criteria they move closer to the centre ring thereby helping you identify which website visitor is best to initiate a conversation with.

Zoho SalesIQ - Simple To Configure And Install

Setting up Zoho SalesIQ is a simple process. Add a new web embed, customise the design and appearance and then a webcode is created that you can cut and place on your website. Zoho SalesIQ also comes with options for the popular CMS (Content Management Systems): WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Blogger, Zoho Sites, Unbounce, Tumblr and more. Integrate with Zoho CRM to track, records and understand your customers web visits better.

Comprehensive Reporting

Put your data to work for you, and fine-tune your customer support operation to run smoother, faster and more efficiently. With the Zoho SalesIQ’s powerful Reporting module, you get the most value out of your live chat customer support software.

Understand how to improve your team’s sales conversations. Monitor chat conversations and provide instant feedback. Coach your team to be sales and customer support superheroes.

With quick access to powerful pre-built reports, it is easy to learn more about your agents and customers. Track your progress as an operation. Go deeper, drill down and look at departmental performance, or even follow how a specific agent is interacting with customers.