Do I have a problem with Zoho?

A small percentage of our support tickets can be resolved by doing some basic diagnostics. These simple checks can help resolve your issue faster. Typically use them when Zoho is unavailable or not performing as you expected. These are the logical steps in fault finding (that we train our support agents on), however we typically jump to point 5 as that identifies where the problem exists very quickly.

  1. As basic as it sounds, if Zoho is unavailable or perceived to be slow the first thing we do is check to see if we have an internet connection - can we get to (as an example). The BBC site usually loads fast and would give us a good indication that we have an internet connection and how fast it is running.
  2. Next is Zoho "up". By "up" we mean are all the Zoho applications available. You can check the Zoho status page, but it depends on which version of Zoho you are using. If you are using a .com version go to: and if you are using a .eu version go to: The Zoho application that you are wanting to use should be green. You can click on a service to see its past history and performance.

    Zoho are very transparent and if there is an issue that degrades the performance or blocks an application being used, they post updates on their Twitter account: Given the years that we have been a Zoho Partner their has only been a few times where there have been a disruption of service to customers. Ask us for further details and reassurances.
  3. Sometimes a simple logging out of Zoho and logging back in can rectify the problem. If an administrator changes your Role and Profile, as an example, their can be a degree of weirdness till you log out and back in. 
  4. Clear your cache. All the Zoho applications run in a browser, browsers use a cache to store pieces of information to speed your browsing experience. Sometimes something stored in your cache can be causing the problem, so the easiest way to test is to clear your cache. This can potentially erase your browsing history, password autofills, form autofills, etc. How you delete your cache varies from browser to browser but some common ones are:
    Chrome - Clear Cache and Cookies
    Safari clear your browsing history on a Mac
    Firefox how to clear cache
  5. Try and login on a different machine. The issue you are having may be specific to yur machine, Operating System or Browser. A very quick test is to login on another colleagues machine and see if the same fault exists. If it doesn't then the issue is specific to your machine and configuration.
  6. If these all fail raise a Support ticket with us or Zoho and we will get to the root cause of the problem.