Zoho Case Study //

Zoho Case Study

The Debug Store - Zoho Books & Zoho Inventory

The Debug Store use Zoho Inventory and Zoho Books to optimise their daily processes; improving order and inventory management.

MedSpa - Zoho One

MedSpa deployed Zoho One to support a rigid sales process that increased success by 25%. This was achieved using the automation and Blueprint functionality within the tools.

Zoho Case Study - Zoho CRM
City Dance - Zoho

Zoho provided an integrated solution that simplified processes, reduced administration time and provided a depth of insight and knowledge of CityDance's customers.

VTDI - Zoho Analytics

Victory Training and Development Institute (VTDI) saw revenue growth of 60% and an increase in productivity of 30% once they deployed Zoho Analytics.

Zoho Case Study - Zoho One
The Warehouse Group - Zoho One

The Warehouse Group deployed Zoho One at the heart of their customer service strategy - Improving their response time by days and facilitating effective communication.

Spotahome - Zoho CRM, Zoho Analytics

Spotahome deployed Zoho CRM, Zoho Analytics and Zoho Survey. The impact being they doubled the size of Spotahome.

Zoho Case Study
Rablab - Zoho One

Rablab identified and believed that there could be a single vendor that offers all the services they needed in a single integrated platform. The solution Rablab needed was Zoho One.