Zoho CRM Linkedin Integration

Zoho CRM LinkedIn Integration

A common question we get asked is how can we integrate Zoho CRM and LinkedIn? The reality is, the requirement is very simple - customers want to be able to transfer LinkedIn Connections to Zoho CRM.

There are ways of doing it, for example with LinkedIn Sales Navigator, but some customers find that to be overly complex or expensive for what they need. We have found and regularly use a much simpler solution, low cost solution.

Zoho CRM LinkedIn Chrome Extension

The Zoho CRM LinkedIn integration utilises a Chrome Extension which allows you to scrape the data to Zoho CRM from LinkedIn. It will only scrape information that is publically available, for example Connections typically hide their email address until you are connected.

Our workflow is either to find a potential Connection on LinkedIn and add them immediately to Zoho CRM as a Lead, or when a person makes an enquiry we search for them on LinkedIn and connect with them, as well as adding them to Zoho CRM.

LinkedIn do also place a limitation on the number of Profiles that you can view in in a 24 hour window, which is 300 - after this limit has been reached you are asked to identify yourself on each subsequent Connection view.

Zoho CRM LinkedIn Integration Example

Save Time

  • Quickly add LinkedIn Connections to Zoho CRM
  • See which LinkedIn connections are already in Zoho 
  • Choose which fields you update from LinkedIn

Update Zoho CRM

  • Keep Zoho CRM fresh with data from LinkedIn
  • Plugin will highlight and let you choose which information can be added from LinkedIn to Zoho CRM


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