Unified Customer Experience (CX)

Customer is king, in-store and online, so businesses must provide a purchasing experience that is fit for royalty – wherever they make the final sale.

A detailed report by Racounter, about implementing business process for a smooth and unified customer experience. In this whitepaper, you will learn:

  • How to thrive in the golden age of customer experience
  • Why AI enables agility in the evolving customer journey
  • How to keep customer experience at the core of growth
  • The need to keep employee experience into consideration

We are on the cusp of a future in which the user experience melds cutting-edge technology with human connection

- James Waters, VP Commercial Operations, booking.com

19.5% of customers have no existing CX (Customer Experience) strategy

- Dimension Data 2019

87% reported increased customer loyalty as the biggest benefit of CX initiatives 

- Dimension Data 2019

Many businesses still have legacy systems, siloed data and departments that don’t talk to one another, which creates barriers to delivering a cohesive experience

Zoho CRM Plus Unified Customer Experience White Paper