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A question we get asked is does 1 Cloud Consultants use Zoho products. The answer is a definite yes. We strongly believe that the best way of learning a product, the nuances associated with a product, the benefits that a product can bring to a business is by using the products on a daily basis. Furthermore, it is a way of training employees on the best practices in using Zoho products. Below is our mini-case study of the Zoho products we utilise to support this web site.

  • Zoho One is Zoho's flagship "bundle". For one low cost per employee it provides access to all of Zoho's products. When you utilise the volume of Zoho products that we utilise every day, it is incredibly cost effective. Zoho One allows us to deploy products which we previously wouldn't have considered due to an extra cost commitment.
  • Zoho Sites is Zoho's Content Management System. We selected this over Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla, etc. due to its simple point and click design and how simply it integrates with other Zoho products.
  • Zoho CRM web forms are deployed across the site. This means data capture is directly into Zoho CRM, with a notification to the Lead Owner, no double entry and correctly segmented for reporting and email marketing.
  • Zoho SalesIQ is utilised in the background to track visitors - which pages they visit, how long they reside on pages, when they return to site, etc. This is captured on Zoho CRM. Live chat can be turned on with the click of a button when required.
  • Zoho Pagesense is a conversion rate optimisation tool that analysis how people interact with this site. We can A/B test, set goals and see how visitors to this site perform against those goals.
  • Zoho Desk is used to provide the Support Desk function within 1 Cloud Consultants. We have a hard link to our Support Portal, a web form to generate a ticket within our Support Desk and we deployed Zoho Desk ASAP for access to the knowledge base.
  • Zoho Assist is how we complete remote access sessions. We have deployed a small widget on this site so that customers can enter a specific code to initiate a support session.
  • Zoho Checkout is utilised for one off payments for customers who don't have a support contract, but need a small bit of Zoho Support.
  • Zoho Books is what we use as our accountancy package. When a customer completes a transaction with Zoho Checkout, the transaction is automatically entered into Zoho Books.
  • Zoho Vault is a password safe. With the volume of passwords we collate, in particular for customers we need somewhere safe to store them. We also use it to store internal passwords, for example to the DNS hosting of this website.
  • Zoho Social is utilised to deploy Social Media posts to drive traffic to 1cloudconsultants.com, measure Social Media marketing and capture Leads from Social Media in Zoho CRM.
  • Zoho Analytics is integrated with Google Analytics to provide simple to understand Dashboards to analyse the usage of the site against specific targets.
  • Zoho Campaigns uses data captured from webforms on this site to deliver targeted email marketing.
  • Zoho MarketingHub we use for enhanced marketing  automation. Typically Smart URLs, Web Pop Ups, Auto Responders, Customer Journeys, etc.
  • Zoho Backstage creates, manages and delivers the microsites for our event: https://events.1cloudconsultants.com.
  • Zoho Survey is used to gather customer testimonials once we finish a project with that company.
  • Zoho Sites24x7 is used to monitor uptime of our website and any outages. Note Zoho Sites24x7 is not included in the Zoho One package.
  • Zoho Bookings we use to share our calendar with clients so they can book time for calls, meetings or consultancy days. This is embeded on our site: https://www.1cloudconsultants.com/book-a-zoho-consultant.
If you would like to know more about how we use these products across our website or how we use a number of other Zoho products to support our business goals then please get in touch.