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Zoho Remote Support

When trying to understand to understand an issue that a customer has with Zoho, usually the fastest way is to initiate a Zoho Remote Support session. This allows a Zoho Support agent to see the customers screen, take control of the customers computer and fix the issue or demonstrate the options available to a customer. Not all Zoho Support queries are true issues, we deal with far more consultative questions (how do I do) than true support (it is broken). This is a key difference between our Zoho Support and the support offered by Zoho. 

Don't Have A Zoho Support Contract

For customers who don't currently have a Zoho Support contract with 1 Cloud Consultants we can offer hourly support. The process would be to purchase an hour of Zoho Support, then one of our support agents will contact you to arrange a mutually convenient time. Note, it is experience that a customer rarely has one question to resolve. Sometimes it is better to stop, think what you are trying to achieve, what is stopping you achieving them and then contacting us to arrange a consultation around those points. It can be more efficient, cost effective and productive for the customer solving a block queries instead of one query at a time.